Hi, I’m Annette Spanski,

Welcome to Keep Life Simple.

Here I openly and honestly share advice on how you can keep making life changes that are simple, yet make a big difference so that you can feel your best as you age.





Are you getting hot flushes? Do you lack energy? Are you unable to sleep the entire night? Perhaps you have other symptoms that are disrupting your life? Thats why you are here, to find an answer and get some help.
With my personal one-on-one phone/facetime session … We look at understanding what’s happening to you, so you can begin to take action, and stop these annoying draining symptoms. You will have all the information to take the steps needed, to restore harmony and balance in your life once again.
Without proper attention things will only get worse!
No gimmicks or snake oil solutions here, only medical evidence and natural logical solutions that work.

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