An interview with Maree Gordon: ‘How I stay fit, toned and have energy at 65’

An interview with Maree Gordon: ‘How I stay fit, toned and have energy at 65’

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OMG how good does Maree look at sixty-two? If sixty is the new fifty she is the perfect example of this. But how does she do it?  Maree works out with weights and enjoys regular cardio exercises such as bike riding, walking and the x-trainer at the gym. She also uses Bio-identical hormone replacement. Maree agreed to be interviewed to help spread the word to the women of Australia, about the benefits of regular exercise that is custom designed for her mature age body, and using BHRT.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, personally and professionally.


I consider myself to be an outgoing person who is happy, energetic, and enjoys a great quality of life. I own a business in Brisbane for thrity-three years.  I’m proud to say that it is a very sucessfull Bakery/Cafe at Yeronga. Some days at the cafe/bakery can be quite demanding, stressful and exhausting. So its important that I keep my body strong and mind healthy.


How did you find out about hormone replacement?


A friend of mine recommended a hormone specialist because she felt that they had more empathy, and practice thorough patient care, than most regular G.Ps. “Hormone specialist doctors are also experts at keeping you looking and feeling younger. I feel great.” says Maree.


When did you begin BHRT Bio-identical Hormone Replacement?


I began using BHRT about eight years ago now, and I have never looked back. I don’t suffer from many of the negative symptoms of the ageing process that plague many women my age, especially those that have not learned to balance their draining hormones.


Describe your menopause symptoms?


I did have one hot flush, and it was terrible, I noticed that I also had a little depression, and didn’t sleep well. But all these symptoms disappeared when I began using BHRT.  So I really didn’t have any ongoing problems, I balanced my hormones and I sailed through peri-menopause and now life an amazing life in menopause!


How do you feel after taking Bio-identical hormone replacement? What are the changes, if any?


I believe that I am a healthier, happy person because of the hormones. I have more energy, I feel stronger physically, I am definitely more emotionally balanced and sleep has also improved. I have been taking the hormones for close to ten years now, and my regular blood tests also show that I have had no negative side effects from them.


Have you had any negative reactions whilst taking the natural Bio-identical hormones?


No, I have not had any problems from using these natural hormones. I wouldn’t use the Synthetic Hormone Replacement (HRT) that is still prescribed by many doctors, because it’s not what your body naturally produces.


Do you find that BHRT is a good price in Australia?


They affordable, however, I think that they could be a lot cheaper.


Would you ever stop taking them?


No way! We only have one life and I am determined to live it well and feel great. I would encourage all women in Australia to try BHRT because you wake up feeling great. Annette adds …and you don’t complain about feeling old because you don’t feel old. Maree smiles and agrees.


How many women do you know who take BHRT?


When I first started taking them I didn’t really know anyone, apart from my girlfriend that recommended them. Now I know a lot more women who take the hormones.


Would you recommend taking BHRT to other Australian women?


Yes, I certainly would recommend using Bio-identical hormones, because you’ll feel better as you age, not worse. It’s important that you make an appointment and go see a professional, to see if BHRT is suited for you. If you would like to know more about Bio- identical  Hormone Replacement PRESS HERE


Tell me what you would say to a woman that is thinking about using BHRT but is still not convinced of the benefits


If you are not feeling like you used to, go get a test done, hormones will make you feel better. Balanced hormones make you age with health and defer many age related illness.  I wish I knew about BHRT earlier, I would have started at an earlier age.


Does using BHRT make you feel good?


For sure, I am putting back into my body the hormones that the ageing process is taking away. So yes you feel good because, your hormones are all balanced and back to their youthful healthy levels.


Do you have a healthy libido?


Yes, I still enjoy having a fun sex life!


Do you sleep well?


Now that I take the hormones I sleep well, around eight hours per night.


Do you have energy?


Yes, I am motivated and energetic most days, lol.


Do you follow a healthy diet?


Most days yes. This year I am working on eating more greens and drinking a little more water.


Do you drink alcohol?


Hmmm, yes I do enjoy a few glasses of French champagne on the weekends or when I go out with friends.


Describe an ideal week of exercise (for yourself).


I enjoy gym sessions twice a week with a female personal trainer, walk on the beach, or long bike rides when the weather permits. I enjoy boogie boarding on the weekends in the Summer months.


What type of exercise do your do?


I love using weights because it keeps my body looking trim and toned. At 65 my arms are toned, I don’t have those horrible “tuck shop arms” that many women my age suffer from.  I also enjoy a variety of stretching exercises. My personal trainer mixes yoga with weight training which works for me. I feel great and I enjoy exercising! In fact I am getting stronger not weaker, because with every passing year I am lifting heavier weights!


How do you find balance in your life?


Consistency and Moderation



Thank you for answering my questions; you are definitely an inspiring woman Maree.


Keep Life Simple

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